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Please allow at LEAST 2 hours for me to either get ready or get back home (IF you are easily verifiable or a regular).

You would think most of these would be I am having to explain.



  • Email, text or call me talking about what you want to do to me/dirty talk (unless you have paid for a Virtual GF monthly subscription).

  • Ask ANYTHING sexual before being screened.



    Expect or ask me to hang out with you outside of a paid booking.

  • Show up to an "in person" date with major extras in mind that have not been previously discussed, thinking I'll just say OK because you are already there.

  • Try to negotiate my rate.

  • Text me for hours asking for more pics and info when all the information you need is on my website.



    Show up dirty and unwilling to shower (I shouldn't have to ask).

  • Bring a short donation thinking you could get away with it.

  • Show up saying you didn't look at my rates and ask what they are.

  • Bring anyone that hasn't been previously discussed to an "In Person" meeting. 



  • Email, text or call as a gentleman with manners and some filter.

  • Show up to our date with discussed items, wardrobe, donation, or surprise gifts/tips.

  • Place the correct donation in plain view (fanned/opened so I can quickly glance over to verify I'm not being shorted or handed a bunch of $1's wrapped in a couple $20's) at the beginning of our date.


    Be showered and clean smelling (using soap, not a gallon of cologne).

  • Make deposits/donations in cash, PayPal or cashapp (+3% of rate for electronic in person meetings).

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